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Value-added leader in the Valve Engineering field

Wilhelm Valve Engineering is a value-added leader in the valve engineering field. Since our inception in 1993, we have grown to be the leading provider of valve solutions in Asia. Under the guidance of our founders with a combined experience of 50 years, Wilhelm Valve Engineering has flourished into a company that is capable of handling all types of valve-related problems and needs.

Vast Expertises

With vast experience in valve engineering, our expertise spans from valve refurbishment, testing, calibration to modification.

We have established 4 major divisions to meet the demands of the ever-growing industry. They are, namely, the Control Valve Division, Safety Valve Division, Valve Automation Division and General Valve Division. Our team of specialists are ever-ready to provide quality service both in our workshop and on-site. Wilhelm works closely with oil and gas producers, refineries, pharmaceutical companies, shipyards and other process owners to ensure that their valves are always in excellent working conditions.

Wherever we are, Wilhelm’s name is as synonymous with the word “Trust”. The company’s reputation built over the year has been instrumental to our current success. Wilhelm will strive continuously to further improve in our specialised field and service to ensure that this “Trust” will be further expanded.

After all, our business is to ensure yours runs smoothly.

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